Excercise: Nokia 5500 sensor as Tapping sensor

Program an application that uses the built-in tilt sensor of the Nokia 5500 device as a tapping sensor. When you tap it the phone should say something (text to speech). The application should do the following:

Whe you tap quickly 2 times with your finger on the:
- display glass of the the phone it should say: "yes, I love you, too"
- the back of the phone it should say: "dont do this again"
- the left side (in middle part) of the phone it should say: "I like that"
- the right side of the phone (in middle part) of the phone it should say: "this hurts"

Note: You might have to rehearse a bit to get the speed and strenth of the tapping right.

Note: You need to have at least Python for S60 version 1.4.1 installed on your Nokia 5500 phone to get this to work.

See video of 1 Min length


Code example file: Nokia5500_tapping_sensor.py


Mobile Python Book (http://www.mobilepythonbook.org/)

Mobile Python book

Mobile Python - Rapid prototyping on the mobile platform
by Jürgen Scheible and Ville Tuulos. You can get it from Amazon or Wiley.


Online tutorial to learn Python for S60


Some other people have build their own library for the Nokia 5500 sensor, check here.





























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