Excercise: Setting Default Access Point

Program an application that sets and resets a default access point

Setting a default Access Point for connecting to the internet omits the task of always manually selecting an Access Point each time when you open a Python script that connects to the internet.

The following little script can be used to set and unset a default access point. You need to put some lines of code to each of your scripts that should always connect to the internet using the default access.

Note: you need at least PyS60 v.1.3.17


Example file: ex_setting_default_access_point.py

Description: ex_setting_default_access_point_descr.py


For WLAN and Ad-hoc networks:

For WLAN enabled phones this scipts work as well. All you need to do is to define a new access point once for your WLAN network. This can be done by the WLAN wiz. application on your S60 phone that is found by: on desktop -> Internet folder -> WLAN wiz. -> click on one of the found WLAN network names and a menu opens -> press 'Define access point'. Once this is done then your WLAN network will show up in a list when you run the script above to set the default access point.











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