Excercise: Sound recorder / player , MIDI Player

Program an application that can record and play a sound, controlled from the application menu:

1. You need to import the audio module and use:

audio.Sound.play() for playing the sound

audio.Sound.record() to record


2. You need to open and close sound files by using:




Note: check for additional parameters in the API_Reference_for_Python.pdf document.


Example file: ex_soundrecorder.py

Description: ex_soundrecorder_descr.py


MIDI player

It is also possible to play Midi notes. Here is a simple player example.

Example file: ex_midiplayer.py

Note: before you can run the script you need put the following files to your phone's memory card (location e:\\ ):

Midi file 1: sound1.mid

Midi file 1: sound2.mid

Link to MIDI in general



Other sound supported formats:

AMR, MP3, AAC, and Real Audio








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