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by Jurgen Scheible (c) 2006

My Message to all you creative and innovative people out there: Use your talent, skills, ideas and energy to inspire the world!

May this tutorial help you to do so!

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23-03-2010        Abdul ghani    Sri lanka

Congrats for awesome success of ur project. I was using ur python program on my phone and came to know it would hav been better if there was something like a textfile to type the python source into it and save in to the Python folder on the phone as .py file. its just a suggestion to improve ur project.

18-01-2010        TechIT    India

Hi, You have provided really simple examples which helped me get off with Python. I want to move to the next step and create an Augmented Reality application using Python for Nokia N97 device. Please help me out with this.

08-01-2010        Shynet    Israel

Thank you for helping me improve my knowledge and helping other people - you really made it easier to develop for symbian!

09-09-2009        Pedro    Brazil

Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge! These tutorials have been a great resource for me to base my PyS60 coding on. Is there any chance of a tutorial on sending accelerometer data from Python to Flash Lite? Thank you and take care!

03-09-2009        skyw33    USA

Great tutorials! I have come to your site frequently to learn all I can. One question... why is the SSL example missing? I would really like to know how to use this.

29-08-2009        AJ____92    Germany

very very usefull !!! but the open GL ES tutorial is too short for me. would be nice if something more difficult and new would be there.

30-07-2009        Abdul    SaudiArabia

Great Site and tutorial. I have learned alot :) I have a Question. IS there a way to discover bluetooths silently without having the list of devices being shown and instead just printed as string Thank you

29-07-2009        Mark    Philippines

hi, there a pys60 compatible with n79, symbian 60 3rd FP2..i could not find it at source forge. I was also wondering where could i find the sdk version incase i want to test the py code on the sdk first 2. is python working on symbian 60 5th ed? do they have issues? please help c:

28-07-2009        tt    ss

test - this works

28-06-2009        Answer to     Maxplus

ANSWER: Yes, there is Python for S60 for 5th Edition. Go to: and in release version 1.9.4 you find the needed files PythonScriptShell_1.9.4_5thEd.sis and Python_1.9.4.sis cheers, Jurgen

26-06-2009        Maxplus    England

I am looking for Python for N97 (S60 5th edition). Do you have Python for S60 5th Edition? If not available, which one do you recommend as the nearest.

24-04-2009        Didac    Sweden

Someone has an example of how to do a "settings window" alike in PyS60? I would like to combine it with the Forms. Thank you all very much

15-04-2009        Aiman Qais    Saudi Arabia

Hi to all I hope if anybody could help me to make a code to let the mobile phone sounds off for all incoming or SMS or even reminders by pys60. Please I need it urgenly for my project

08-03-2009        vikrant    india

great tutorial. i am able to complete my final year project with pys60 which might too hard with other technology thank you..

13-02-2009        Ahmed    Tunis

Thanks man !

12-02-2009        Ravi    New Delhi

I have tried it many times in PyS60 I tried using the ideas given in the example However I have failed to do in PyS60. Can you please help me do it. Any examples?

07-02-2009        towelie    

for all those googlers which had the same issue (how the hell do i run user python scripts on N95), you need to install python shell (i.e.

05-02-2009        towelie    

just installed the pys60 on my N95, but i get no snake icon. i have some apps that are using python - so i can only assume it was installed correctly. where should i find the snake icon? the application menu has nothing. Thx

24-01-2009        Matthias Heming    

Hi, thank you for this great example-files. But please update the link for the ElementTree-sis-file in the XML part. At the moment it just points to pyexpat. Thank you.

10-01-2009        James    Singapore

You have script for brute force knowing the password? For s60v3

22-12-2008        romantr    spain

Is there a way to call a java librery/class from python? I´ve "googling" but I havn´t found anything. I need to make calls to a j2me qr code library. I found pyqrcode but it doesn´t work in pys60 yet.

16-12-2008        Caner    Turkei

hi Jurgen, my name is Caner KOCAMAZ. I am an Computer Forensics Investigator. I am doing an investigation about memory card. This memory card is password protected. I put it Nokia 6600. I cant access memory card because of password protection. I want to crack password and access memory card data. I tried some passwords manually. I want to write a code for brute force attack. is it possible using pys60? Contact:

16-12-2008        Caner    Turkei

hi jurgen, my name is Caner KOCAMAZ. I am a Computer Forensics Investigator. I am doing an investigation about a memory card. This memory card is password protected. I put it Nokia 6600. I cant access memory card because of password protection. I want to crack or recover password and access memory card data. I tried some passwords manually. I want to write a code for brute force attack. is it possible using pys60? Thanx.

09-10-2008        Armandas    Lithuania

Nice tutorial! Thanks

01-07-2008        goatboyboz    new zealand

thanks for the great tutorials. much appreciated, look forward to updates when you have time.


Good info. I noticed there are a couple of examples of generic Python code, and thought I'd add a small detail. When using for loops with break, it's possible to detect whether you broke out of the loop or not. Example code: for obj in objects: if obj.isInteresting(): obj.doSomething() break # Only interested in one object else: print "Couldn't find an interesting object!" Note that the else indentation matches the for statement, not "if". Oh, and fix your submission system; it doesn't quote text safely before putting things in SQL.

21-05-2008        Naveed    Pakistan

great job man . You are the man.

18-05-2008        Jian    China

Hi!! Thank you very much!!!But,I have a question if my s602nd phone can play ".FLV"?

20-04-2008        Bogdan Galiceanu    Romania

Wonderful tutorial! Probably the best on the net. Keep it up Jurgen.

17-04-2008        Alpi    COLOMBIA

Thanks you, Thanks you, Thanks you!, Your tutorial help me a lot, but i have a question: i am programming a N95, and after i put the versions pdis-0.9.3 of .sis, it works but i get an error on the socket.bt_discover(). Any ideas? My email is

15-04-2008        TW    USA

Jurgen, This is a wonderful tutorial! Is there a similar tutorial for "Ruby for S60"? Thanks!

28-03-2008        Rasheed Khateeb    Yemen

it is very helpful tutorial , thanks

28-03-2008        Günther    Urshult (Sweden)

Hej Jürgen i just tested one (only one to start with) of your examples: ex_text_to_speech_1. If I start the word without "u," Ive got an error. But with "u,text" the program runs! Perhaps a hint for your text on this? This was my first comment - I hope I can sent more! Best wihes Günther

10-12-2007        Gump    Sydney.AUS

Is it possible to call a python script automatically at phone booting?

06-12-2007        Abhilash V Menon    India

hi Jurgen, A very nice and useful tutorial. Superb.. Is there exists any module for accessing the IR module of S60 phones.? and How to Run an application in the bootup.? Add such useful modules too in your tutorial. Anyways Thanks for such a great work..

03-12-2007        Murari    India

Mr.Jurgen Scheible Is it possible to access the SIM properties of Mobile phone using for S60. I f possible, Pls let me know the details. Regards, Murari, murari4u, Hyderabad, India.

02-12-2007        Murari    Hyderabad,India

This tutorial seems to be very help full for bigners. I have installed few applications, some of them are working, and some does not work such as Bluetooth phone to PC, Bluetooth_scan etc.I am using nokia 3230.

27-11-2007        mdbradi    Cologne, Germany

Dear Jurgen First of all, congratulation for this excellent tutorial! I tried to run the script “” on my NOKIA E65, but the pre-required installation of the sis-files “aosocket-series60_v20.sis” and “pdis.sis” always fails. My question in this regard: Do you know whether these sis-files are not applicable on the E-Series. If yes, do you know where I can get the respective files which I can install on my phone? Or, may you have an advice what else I do have to consider in order installing these files on my phone Thanks in advance for your response

28-09-2007        vahid    

Thanks a lot, keep up the good work.

29-08-2007        XenoArts    Philippines

1st of All, thank you so much for this tutorial. It gave me a good head start. I just would like to know, under the category of SMS manipulation, how to detect the number of the Sender if he/she is in the contacts database. The i.address(id) function returns a Contact name if he/she is in my Contacts. Thanks.

27-08-2007        yoH@n    Philippines

It's great! Thanks for this tutorial. It helps me a lot. Im interested, I want more on this... Need help! I want my application run during startup or boot on my s60. Thanks a lot and more power.

25-08-2007        Deepak    India

Great Stuff !! Thanks a lot for the tutorial..

18-08-2007        AM33N    Algeria

Thanks A lot for this tutorial. I am very interested in Python Programming, and now Python for S60 !!!, Thank God I have a Nokia 6600. Well I wish you the very best and Thanks again.

16-08-2007        Raymond Lo    Toronto I got error running this... it's missing import e32

15-08-2007        Ray    Canada

Thanks for the tutorial!! but... This link is dead !!? :(

26-07-2007        gtoscano    México

Great tutorial!

19-07-2007        wimdk    netherlands

Very helpfull in getting started with py60. Thanks a lot!

02-07-2007        Eric Magutu    Kenya

Hi, the link is broken

14-06-2007        Symbiote    Finland

I figured out a way to transfer py-scripts via bluetooth on 3rd edition too. Put your scripts into a zip file, transfer it over bluetooth and you can unzip the contents into any folder you wish. Naturally zip application is needed on the phone.

12-06-2007    Philippines

print "Hello Mr. Jurgen Scheible!" Great TUT on the PyS60! really helps alot! You should seriously think on writing a book regarding Python Programming on the S60, were lacking books in that market! maybe for Symbian Press, O'Reilly, Apress or Dummies series, ....etc-etc.

18-05-2007        Rex    UK

Hey jurgen, i've lived on your tutorials! fantastic. Although on the OBEX tutorial.. you forgot to mention(Nokia too) that an exception is returned if the filename already exists (Permission denied) So I suggest a quick fix for import os if (os.path.exists(receive_path)): os.remove(receive_path) To overwrite the file as necessary! Fantastic site! Music loads kinda slow though!

16-04-2007        S777URgut    Russia

A great tutorial! Thank you very much !

13-04-2007        guppy    Espoo

Dear Jurgen, great tutorial, has really started me going. You may want to make a reference to another great tutorial by Vidya Setlur from Nokia NRC in Palo Alto. She gives a course on programming the S60 at San Jose State University. Good stuff(

09-04-2007        moylan    dublin, ireland

would it be possible to add a date when the site is updated so that we can quickly see when new content is added? thanks again for the great site.

22-03-2007        Jander Nascimento    Manaus-AM-Brazil

Hi Jüngen, how you re doing? Mobile application development with python(pyS60) in S60 really make the things much easier; Now i can really believe that an ordinary mobile user can create its own application to fullfill its needs. P.S once again thanks.

19-03-2007        Jean Madson    Brasília - DF - Brazil

Hello, I'm that one whose connections via USB wasn't functioning. But Nokia PC Suite save me, by the way. :-) The event open my mind about new ideas and... so... thanx a lot! Jean Madson SEA Tecnologia

07-03-2007        Mani    india

looking for the SQL part for uploading an image to the webserver..please do update sir..

23-02-2007        Yusuf    South Africa

Hi, this is really excellent, keep it up! Just one question, any idea if there are any Audio streaming API, i.e. recording/playing audio from mem buffers instead of files? I know that there are API on the c++ sdk. yusufk(at)mailbox(.)co(.)za

25-01-2007        Adnan Tolon    TRNC

Hello Mr. Scheible, First of all, i want to say your web site is very informative comparing to other s60 pyton resources. I am an electrical eng. I like programming. I do programming PIC assembly, little bit c and Autolisp(for drawing). These programming languages are enough for me to do everything i need. However now, i have a problem that could'nt be solved by these. Learning mobile programming is very hard for me now because i am working whole day. That's why i choose pyton s60(my mobile phone). I am living a country called North Cyprus. Our electrical materials are stolen everytime because they have to be in building(construction house) where nobody live. Burglar know this and stole our materials. I know who is he but i don't have any evidence. Briefly, your scripts are very useful for making a cam that take photos and send them to ftp server simultaneusly. But i want to take photo every minute and send it to ftp server then delete it. Also, i don't want this script run whole day, for example 10 ours run and 14 hours stop cycle for battery consuming. Your scripts can combined together to do this.I tried but could'nt achive because i don't have enough knowledge about mobile programming. Finally, i need help about these situation. If you do, i will be very happy. I don't want you to write me this script. But you can give me clues where can i reach that kind of information without learning mobile programming. Pyton S60 module document doesn't have informative information, nothing actually. For example i need capture time and take a picture according to time. Can i do these kind of things ? Thanks for listening me. Adnan Tolon Electrical Eng. (ITU)

23-01-2007        c4    UAE,Dubai

man this looks so good and easy. is there a UIQ3 port for M600/p990 is there a way to port it to SE p990i UIQ3. can some one guide me on how to do it on UIQ3 please. thanks and keep the good work. c4.p25o1[at]

22-01-2007        Bandido    Philippines

Thank you for a very nice tutorial. Can you also create a link that will allow us to download your tutorial for offline reading. I don't have an internet at home and I am very much interested in learning PyS60. Thank You very much and more power to you.

18-01-2007        tux1979    Italy

Scrivo dall'italia e non so scrivere bene in inglese ma volevo chiedere se non era possibile raccorgliere tutto il materiale di questo tutorial online e pubblicarlo in un pdf da scaricare GRAZIE

14-01-2007        s_svane    Copenhagen

Hi - great site. Nice tutorial for getting started.

05-01-2007        Brian Diesel    NY USA

Thank you for posting this excellent resource. This is terrific, i am using python on the s60 as part of my thesis project. This is a great help; many thanks to you.

02-01-2007        tonk    asia

Dear sir, Can you tell me how to create application that look like contact interface. The application off course have file database. The application have menu : add, edit, and delete. Thank for this great tutorial. my e-mail address thank you

28-12-2006        John    USA

Not Found The requested URL /pys60/exercise02.htm was not found on this server.

27-12-2006        Hanfei    

A great tutorial! Thanks

13-12-2006        shrikrishna    India

Hello sir, New to Python s60... I have a project in mind just need some guiding... I want to write a script that will run as native service in S60 cell phone. That script will read cells phones current location (area as displayed on cell phone screen ). After that it will send me a mail telling me the current area(location) change. After every change in area it should send a mail tellming me the new area name. my question is can it be done using pys60? Waiting for your reply :) mail id khose.shrikrishna[at]gmail.[dot]com Thanks shrikrishna

13-12-2006        shrikrishna    India

Hello sir, New to Python s60... I have a project in mind just need some guiding... I want to write a script that will run as native service in S60 cell phone. That script will read cells phones current location (area as displayed on cell phone screen ). After that it will send me a mail telling me the current area(location) change. After every change in area it should send a mail tellming me the new area name. my question is can it be done using pys60? Waiting for your reply :) Thanks shrikrishna

03-12-2006        taran    india

hi jurgen, i m taranjeet singh. sorry i forgot to give my email to you. my email is please email me the solution for my problem.

03-12-2006        taran    india

hi jurgen, i am taranjeet singh 4m india. thanks for giving us a valuable tutorial. i got a problem in creating aif for a standalone app. in command line when i type aiftool mobiLen testapp.mbm i got this - aiftool symbian 2000 & was unexpected at this time. please guide me how to creat aif and why i am getting this aiftool error.

28-10-2006        l1q1d    Italy

What do you think about an italian traslation? I'm going to create an italian pys60 community, and your tutorial is the best of the net

23-10-2006        Linus Eklund    Sweden

Great tutorial,congratulations! I have just one little complain. Why some .py examples arent working and either they dont give me permission to view the page or ask me a password when I try to download them? (like the text imput field 2..and others) they could have helped me much to learn, reading about an exercise and dont see it it's strange and rather useless in a tutorial. Im a student and not expert. good work and keep it up! if u can contact me about the .py examples here's my email: linus.eklund (@)

11-10-2006        wahyu    Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Hi, jurgen scheible. i'm wahyu mahardian from Yogyakarta, Indonesia I made a little code to export sms inbox using inbox module and format it in *.xls (tab delimited). But i have some problem when exporting message over 256 char (using content(msg_id)), it will always return 256 char. so message over 256 will be truncated. I think this the limitation of inbox module. I need your commentor suggestion

04-10-2006        Bartlomiej Predki    Poland

Thank's for this tutorial. It's VERY VERY helpful, especially for beginners.

15-08-2006        nui    

A great tutorial!

30-07-2006        moylan    dublin, ireland

thanks for the intro to python on symbian 60, it was a brilliant kickstart for me with this language. i've looked around and can't see any real documentation of appuifw anywhere else. any ideas?

09-07-2006        agm    

can you make an downloadable file of this thanks

30-06-2006        Andrew    Detroit, Michigan, US

Thanks for all the great tutorials! Any info/examples of threading? Especially threading with DB access would be great. python@highearthorbit.cocm

12-06-2006        JAMES    NAIROBI-KENYA


23-05-2006        SAM    Phnom Penh, Cambodia (Angkor Wat Owner)

Dear Sir... You are very kind to all people. I wish you have good luck, good health and successfull in your life... Thanks for your wonderfull tutorial... From me Nay Sambo (SAM) You website fan...

11-05-2006        Gösta Brännvin    Finland

This rocks as inspiration! You the man!

26-04-2006        Phe    Oulu That's the address ..

25-04-2006        SAFINA    MACAU

TCP/IP socket: Connect your phone to a TCP/IP socket and communicate over it: Example script for phone: Example script for PC: Will i use nokia Python for Series 60 to run you support this file my Emulator (Debug) error output self._sock.connect((gethostbyname(addr[0],addr[1],cb) error:(22,'lnvalid argument') can you tell me what is this problem? please reply me thank you

24-04-2006        icej    asia

hi ! you tutorial is very cool!thanks for you work. I have a question about encoding in s60 ui. I use chinese or japanese in s60 ui,It is not nomail. How i can encoding it? thanks very much!

20-04-2006        red    

Great tutorial. Just ordered my 6630 and cant wait toget started. Amazing.

17-04-2006        Adam    San Diego

Hey Jurgen! Thanks for the great tutorial. I was told to mention that Paul Blair sent me here.

17-04-2006        Paltonio Daun Fraga    Brazil Sao Paulo University USP

Thanks for your good Python tutorial very rich and resourceful for S60 nokia celulars. It will reanimate me to program in python, mainly if it runs in a celular. By now I was looking for an emulator for nokia K800 for j2me in netbeans 5 mobility. Some time ago I was looking for a smartphone programmable in PHP, that I like more.

30-03-2006        Prem Anand    India

A perfect tutorial on starting to write programs for mobile Phone with python. Thank You. I will learn and teach others too.

16-03-2006        Mega-Focus    B'klyn NY

You know life is short, And I am so glad we have spectacular sites like this! Thanks for the tutorial! Keep up the good work..........

09-03-2006        Korakot    Thailand

A great tutorial!

20-02-2006        Jose Marinez    New York, NY

Great tutorial. FYI - the scripts for moblogger app are not there.

18-02-2006        Sheridon    Miami, FL USA

Jurgen, First of all, thanks for an informative tutorial and a positive message for us all to contribute. I think both concepts - providing your own programming insights and hoping to make the world a better place - are from the era when computers were handbuilt. In other words, they represent the early 'hacker' (in a proper sense) mentality. Ok, enough of my soapbox rants. Your link at the bottom of the page (Next) points to a non-existent page so I was thinking you may want to delete it or just have it point to Nokia's developer site or Python's or what have you. Wonderful work, Sheridon

14-02-2006        sheepdog    England

Thanks Jurgen for an excellent tutorial, I have been scratching my head with regards to which language to program my S60 with. I could not afford the $$$ software available in the commercial sector but needed sms,bluetooth functionality. After this tutorial I hope to have found everything for my requirements. Looking forward to any further installments from you. All the very best and thanks again

11-02-2006        Bengi Mizrahi (    Istanbul/Turkey

Awesome tutorial! One question though: Where do we develop python s60 scripts? Should we write them on PCs and upload into our s60 devices, or is there a more effective way?

11-02-2006        Stroller    Türkiye

Marvellous... It would be better if py2sis is explained better.

09-02-2006        sahaj (rahulu)    India

Yes, I second to above comment. If possible please make it available as a single (PDF/SXW/HTML) file.

07-02-2006        Antonis    Amfissa, Greece

Excellent and very inspiring Tutorial. I really enjoyed the videos. Thank you

03-02-2006        Leo    Roma, Italy

great tutorial; I only suggest you the possibility to download it whole, without having to jump from an argument to other to print it ....

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