Dr. J�rgen Scheible
, is a Professor, media artist, and musician from Germany who is also known by his artist alter-ego 'MobiLenin'. In 2012 he was apointed as a Professor at Stuttgart Media University in the department of Electronic Media. His focus in teaching and research is in the area of Interaction design, Mobile Interface design, Pervasive advertising and Urban Interaction. He is the creator of MobiSpray�, a novel art tool for creating ubiquitous ephemeral digital art via large-scale projections. He performs internationally with his 'MobiSpray tool' at cultural events and other professional settings. His MobiSpray art works are shown in art exhibitions in various countries in form of large photo prints which are also available on the art market.

J�rgen worked previously for 7 years as a researcher and teacher at the Media Lab at Aalto University, School of Art, Design and Architecture, Helsinki, Finland, specializing on mobile app innovation with a strong focus on artistic approaches and creative design.

He is the author of several books and book chapters and publishes scientific articles in renowned international conferences such as SIGGRAPH, ACM Multimedia and CHI.
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Scheible has erlier worked for 8 years at Nokia and in 2006 he was as a visiting scientist at MIT. He has been giving workshops on mobile app programming in academic and professional settings e.g. at Stanford University, MIT, NTU Taiwan, Yahoo Research and Nokia.


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Tutorial: Python for S60 Tutorial by Jurgen Scheible. For novices and geeks - go and catch the low hanging fruits!
Get into it here ...


Dissertation Book of Jürgen Scheible, 'Empowering Mobile Art Practice'. Creating art with mobile phones in public spaces is an emerging form of artistic expression. This dissertation investigates the design of mobile art applications for creating and sharing interactive art experiences in public spaces. It explores new ways of deploying mobile and ubiquitous computing for art making that fosters creativity and community. (PDF)

MobiSpray. An innovative art tool that allows light-based painting by using a mobile phone as spray can. Check Videos and Photos here.


Book viewer & summary: MobiSpray book


Book: Mobile Python - Rapid prototyping on the mobile platform written by Jürgen Scheible and Ville Tuulos. In an engaging hands-on coding style this Python for S60 book teaches you how you can program your own mobile applications easily on Nokia smartphones. It covers camera, sound, graphics, Bluetooth, Internet, positioning, SMS, MMS, reading of incoming SMS, webservices etc. More...


Video: Python S60 workshop given by Jurgen Scheible @ UIAH Media Lab, Helsinki. See what New Media Students did with PyS60.


Video: Python S60 workshop given by Jurgen Scheible @ Berkeley University, California / Yahoo Research Labs Berkeley. See what CS Students and Yahoo staff did with PyS60.
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*.MPEG 399 MB 12min (DVD quality)
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Video: Comments by people who use PyS60. See and hear what they say.
*.SWF 16 MB 4min (Flash 8)
*.MPEG 140 MB 4min. (DVD quality)
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*.MOV 55 MB 4min.


MobiLenin: The Interactive Art Project

My international award winning research project that bridges Art & Technology. It uses Python on Smartphones and large public displays to bring new kinds of social experiences to people. It includes an interactive music video.

Artblog: My Mobile Art Project

When I travel I produce instant art that reflects my location, mood, and environment simply by using my Mobile phone and a python app that I wrote for it. Check out my art images.

Manhattan Storymashup

Manhattan Story Mashup is an urban storytelling game that combines mobile phones, the web and a public display at Times Square NY into interactive, collaborative street art. I've designed this game together with Ville Tuulos for Nokia Research Center.

Winning ACM Award in Hollywood

I am one of the 3 winners of the 2006 ACM Computers in Entertainment $15,000 Scholarship Award. The award was handed over by Mr. Quincy Jones, Dr. Alan Kay, and CIE Editor-in-Chief Newton Lee in Hollywood at the Americam Film Institute. Omer Rashid, Will Bamford of Lancaster University (UK) and me got the award for our CIE Jorunal article "PAC-LAN: Mixed reality gaming with RFID enabled mobile phones.



Talks, workshops and tutorials given by Jurgen Scheible:

Helsinki, Media Lab, PyS60 workshop, 05/11
Linz, Univ. Art & Design
, Workshop 03/11
Oulu, Univ. Oulu
, Workshop 05/10
Linz, Univ. Art & Design
, Workshop 03/10
Helsinki, Media Lab, PyS60 workshop
, 02/10
CMU, Mobile Art&Code
, Tutorial 10/09
Linz, Univ. Art & Design
, Workshop 05/09
Helsinki, Media Lab, PyS60 workshop
, 03/09
Tallinn University,
Workshop 02/09
Vancouver, ACM MM 2008
, Tutorial 10/08
Taiwan, Nightmarket 2008
, PyS60 WS 08/08
Linz, Univ. Art & Design
, Workshop 03/08
Helsinki, Media Lab, PyS60 workshop
, 02/08
Oulu, MuM07 conference
, Tutorial 12/07
TeliaSonera Helsinki
, Tutorial 12/07
Oulu, UBI Life research project
, Tutorial 11/07
Augsburg, ACM Multimedia 2007
, Tutorial 09/07
Univ. Aalborg, Denmark
, Tutorial 09/07
Nokia-Siemens Helsinki
, Tutorial 08/07
Taiwan, Nightmarket 2007
, PyS60 WS 08/07
Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan
, PyS60 WS 08/07
Beijing BUCT
, PyS60 Workshop 07/07
Singapore FN Champion day
, talk 06/07
Toronto OCAD,
PyS60 tutorial 05/07
Amsterdam, MobileMusic
WS 05/07
Sao Paulo, Brazil
PyS60 W S 03/07
Manaus, Brazil
PyS60 WS 03/07
Brasilia, Brazil
PyS60 WS 03/07
Recife, Brazil
PyS60 WS 03/07
Bossa conf. Brazil
PyS60 WS 03/07
Potsdam Hochschule
PyS60 talk 02/07
Stanford University
PyS60 WS 11/06
Beihang Univ. Beijing
PyS60 WS 11/06
Nokia FN Days Praq
PyS60 tutorial 10/06
DTU Copenhagen
PyS60 workshop 08/06
Tallinn University
PyS60 workshop 10/06
MIT Innovation Lab
PyS60 talk 09/06 (invited by Eric von Hippel)
Ars Electronica
PyS60 workshop 08/06
NTU Taipei
PyS60 workshop 06/06
PyS60 talk 05/06
MIT Boston
, PyS60 tutorial 01/06
Stanford University, PyS60 tutorial 01/06
Adobe Headquartes, San Francisco 01/06
Nokia, Mountain View 01/06
IDEO, San Francisco 01/06
Yahoo, Santa Clara 01/06
Google, Mountain View (visit) 01/06
Symbian headquarters, London12/05





Dr. J�rgen Scheible
Art director
MobiSpray Studios
75038 Oberderdingen

Meeting Quincy Jones. More

Meeting Dr. Alan Kay. More

Meeting Guido v. Rossum. More


Programming Skills:
- Mobile app programming
- Python programming
- PHP programming
- Database programming
- Flash AS programming
- Max/MSP programming
- Apple script programming

New Media Design Skills:
- Mobile app design
- Mobile media production     (iPhone, iPad)
- Flash app Design
- MySQL Database design
- Server application design     (MySQL, PHP, Python
- Game design
    (Flash & Java & Director)
- Digital video production
    (pre, post production)
- DVD production
- Music / Sound production
    (composing, recording,     editing, mastering)
- Web design (HTML, Java     Script, Flash, Shockw.)
- Concept design - Project management

Software skills:
- Python
- Adobe Flash
- Adobe Photoshop
- Adobe Dreamweaver
- Final Cut
- DVD Pro
- Logic studio (Music)
- Adobe Premiere
- Adobe After Effects
- Pure Data (Pd)
- MAX/MSP/Jitter


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